Biographie and exhibitions - Marzia Migliora

Marzia Migliora

Marzia Migliora is an artist who uses a wide variety of languages, including photography, video, sound, performance, installation, and drawing, to create works that elevate even the simplest human activities to moments that narrate excerpts of collective history.

Recurring themes in her work are memory as a means of articulating the present and the analysis of labor as an affirmation of participation in the social sphere.

In thirty years of work, the artist has also chronicled the dynamics that led to capitalist paradoxes of industrial production as an extractive and divisive phenomenon for communities. Through her work she has always sought to contribute to the reorganization of a more communal imaginary, taking into account minorities and their needs, and overturning social and political discrepancies through multiple visual devices that establish the active participation of the viewer as fundamental.

In more recent years her works have embraced a multispecies perspective, including that of both animals and plants, contributing to new and necessary insights in times of global climate crisis.